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  • Where are you located?
    Born 2 Swim Guam is located in a private residence in Chalan Pago Ordot, near Pago Bay Bridge
  • How many other children will be in the class?
    Parent and Me: 2-3 Students Preschool: 2-3 students School Age: 2-4 students
  • My child has had a bad experience - can you help?
    First of all, we are sorry to hear that your child has had an unpleasant experience in the water. Our instructor will take the first lesson (or lessons) slowly. We want your child to get used to the new environment and new people (the instructor and others in the class). If you have had a bad experience please try not to let this influence your child. Trust in our instructor and give plenty of encouragement to your child to help them settle in.
  • Does my swimmer need Goggles?
    All classes swimmers swim without goggles. Goggles can fail or a swimmer can forget to waer one at times. We want your child to be comfertable and ready to self rescue without the need of goggles.
  • My child is sick, can we still come to our lesson?"
    COVID UPDATE: Anyone with Covid Sypmtoms can not attend class or be a spectator. All swimmers must follow our Covid policy. We do not recommend bringing your sick child to class. Cuts or grazes can be covered with a waterproof bandaid. We do offer two make-up lessons per session if you do need to skip a lesson due to illness or other reasons.
  • Do you offer a special needs classes?
    Yes we do help chidren with special needs learn to swim. This would need to be private lessons. Please send us an email and we will discuss your needs further.
  • How can I (parent/guardian) help?
    It would be fantastic if you could help your child by getting them in a positive state of mind before arriving at their lesson. Try not to rush them too much before the lesson starts (difficult for some, we know) as it is important for your childs focus to be with the instructor when they arrive. Sometimes it helps for parents to remain out of eyesight for the duration of their childs lesson. Our instructor will kindly let you know this if necessary. At home, practice! KIds can practice blowing bubbles etc
  • What if my child is afraid of the water?
    Classes are planned to help all children acclimate to and be comfortable in the water before we work on developing their skills. The instructor will work really hard in lessons to be sure that any fears a student has turns into confidence in the water.
  • Why are the same skills repeated over and over?
    Children learn through repetition, as such certain skills will be done over and over again to help your child build muscle memory. This is especially true in the early stages while your child is learning the foundations of learning to swim. That being said your instructor will endeavour to make your childs lesson as fun as possible.
  • Its Raining/bad weather, do we still have classes?
    Classes are rain or shine! Classes are only cancelled for thunder/lightning and severe weather. If classes are cancelled a notification email will be sent to the email provided in your Parent Portal and a post will be made on Facebook. Please remember weather can change fast on Guam , notices may be last min, I will try to send as soon as possible.
  • My child missed a class, can they do a makeup class?
    Yes! All students are allowed 2 makeups per session due to illness, weather and family reasons. If the class is cancelled due to pool closure or coach cancelations additional makeups will be added to your account. All makeups expire after 6 weeks a class was missed, please schedule as soon as possible. You can schedule your makeups on the Parent Portal App.
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