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Coach Breean

Hafa Adai! My name is Breean I have over 8years experience teaching/coaching swim. I started swimming with my father at the young age of 5years old surfing in Huntington Beach, CA. I have always had a love for water and working with children. In High School I helped teach a few swimming classes and a few years later started teaching swim lessons in 2014 and started Coaching swim teams in 2018. My favorite sports are competitive swim, triathlons and Water Polo! After moving to Guam in 2018 I saw the need in swim instructors and started teaching private lessons and it has grown! I now teach parent and me classes, beginner swimmer lessons, advanced swimming, competitive swim and open water. I look forward to meeting all new Born 2 Swim Guam swimmers and cant wait to see you in the water. 


Coach Sterling

Growing up My favorite movie was the little mermaid, the way she effortlessly glided through the water was just so magical and i was hooked. One of my earliest childhood memories was waking up every single morning jumping in the pool before we went to school. I was always the 1st 1 in and last one out. The water has always played a critical part in my well being and I've known throughout my life that I have wanted to do something that revolved around it. After completing my lifeguard in CPR certification through the YMCA in high school I realized that was not an active enough roll for me, but wasnt quite sure what direction to take. Becoming a water safety instructor and teaching people and children how to be safe in and around the water so they can create their own memories has been a dream come true! I am so excited to begin this journey here on Guam with Born to Swim and experience these moments with you!

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